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The Unseen Problems Your Infrared Electrical Inspection May Find

While heat is a good thing in the cold winter months, it may not always be positive for your business. For instance, improper wiring can cause electrical circuits to overheat, possibly causing a fire. Getting an infrared electrical inspection using electrical thermography can provide the information you need to  ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who works in […]

How Does Thermographic Imaging Work?

Many things in life either give heat off or absorb heat from their surroundings. The way this heat disperses can tell you a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes, especially in a commercial building. This is why thermographic imaging services are often used to determine the structural integrity of a building, as well […]

The Benefits of Infrared Inspection

Infrared inspection is best applied to electrical environments. It can be used to conduct a thermal imaging survey to scout for potential problems in electrical equipment. When electrical machinery begins to malfunction, it gives off an exceptionally high level of heat. Infrared scanning is designed to detect this. Infrared scans depict the temperature of a given unit of equipment through […]

How Can An Infrared Roof Moisture Survey Keep Your Business Dry?

Flat roofing systems often make it more difficult to detect moisture issues, which can have a negative effect on the rest of the structure. This makes getting an infrared roof moisture survey, using infrared thermography, a necessity before you replace the roof or even before you choose to purchase a building. Armed with this information, you […]

Infrared Roof Moisture Detection – Find & solve problems before they become serious!

It’s difficult to fix what you can’t see. ICS technicians use infrared imaging techniques and their years of experience to locate, inspect and provide you with information you need to solve problems before they become serious. Infrared Roof Moisture Detection As the sun shines on the roof of your building, hidden threats to the integrity […]

Thermal Imaging Survey and Services provided by ICS

Infrared Consulting Services Inc. (ICS) is an independent leading thermal imaging survey and services firm all over the world. When it comes to thermal imaging survey and infrared inspection systems, our thirty five years of experience in thermographic imaging services has earned us an outstading reputation and business in the inspection industry.   We provide […]

ICS, your Partner for Thermal Imaging Survey Services

Infrared Consulting Services Inc. (ICS), an independent leading Thermal Imaging Survey Services & consulting firm, serves clients around the world. When it comes to thermal imaging survey and infrared inspection systems, our 35 years of experience in thermographic imaging services has earned us an outstanding reputation and business from others in the testing industry. We […]

What is Ultrasonic Survey Technology and What are its Scopes of Applications?

Ultrasonic Survey Technology tracks the condition of the valuable electrical assets. It increases factors like safety, durability, and reliability of the particular equipment. This blog is going to talk about the aspects and applications of ultrasonic survey technology. What is Ultrasonic Survey Technology? Most problems occurring in machines and electrical equipment produce sound and vibration […]