High Voltage Electrical Infrared Surveys

infrared-testing-service-high-voltageElectric Utility/Power companies are increasing their usage of High Voltage Electrical Infrared Surveys to promote safety and reliability of their overall power systems.

The accurate evaluation of a distribution line or substation, depends mostly on the knowledge of the person performing the High Voltage Electrical Infrared Surveys inspection. Through years of proven experience, the consultants at ICS have an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of high voltage electrical systems as well as all of the safety processes required to properly work in a high voltage environment.

High Voltage Distribution Line, Substation Infrared Thermographic Surveys

There maybe four or more different types of transformers in a substation, which operate at varying temperatures, depending on their functions and electrical load requirements. Load percentages, fluid levels and oil circulation in power transformers all have an effect on their temperatures allowing ICS to pinpoint problem areas through a High Voltage Electrical Infrared Survey.

Regulators switch from one contact point to another frequently throughout the day. Regulators the most likely piece of equipment to explode in a substation when personnel are in the station, switching loads. The detected heat could be coming from several inches inside the tank and since it is surrounded by large amounts of oil, even an incremental rise in temperature could be a serious problem. Temperature readings must be recorded regularly through a High Voltage Electrical Infrared Survey

Switches allow the plant operators to control the functions of the substation. The varying temperature pattern and measurements on switches will indicate what kind of maintenance adjustments are needed and when.

Distribution Lines
High voltage electrical distribution lines are much more difficult to see against all the thermal mixture on the ground such as trees, street lights, people, animals and etc. Therefore the infrared testing is best left to ground-based infrared thermographers like ICS.

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