Infrared Moisture Detection

infrared-testing-service-wall-moistureUnder the proper atmospheric and weather conditions, moisture accumulation can be detected in certain types of common wall assemblies with qualified infrared scanning techniques. Moisture intrusion due to porous masonry, wind driven rain, bad gaskets or seals can accumulate in the walls and lead to mold growth, heating/cooling losses as well as structural damage.

An Infrared Wall Moisture Detection Survey Can and Should be Utilized:

1. As part of the due diligence process of evaluating or acquiring real property.
2. Prior to final acceptance and payment for new construction
3. Whenever building or wall moisture leaks occur or are suspected.

An Infrared Wall Moisture Survey or Inspection provides you with the proper information and documentation to evaluate your wall moisture condition. Wall moisture in building materials can destroy structural integrity as well as harbor mold and insect infestations. Long term water infiltration can cause catastrophic damage if not properly pinpointed and repaired. Infrared thermography is by far the most reliable method for identifying water intrusion. Traditional methods of photographs and water moisture meters do not always reveal all of the damage. Infrared cameras used in Infrared Wall Moisture Survey or Inspection can distinguish between wet and dry by measuring the thermal variations of wet materials and can provide a clear picture of moisture damage along walls.

And because infrared thermography testing is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT), there is no need to interrupt the normal activities occurring in your building. Our experienced ICS Thermographers inspect your building or walls under normal activity and operating conditions. By performing an infrared scan of your building walls in ‘real time’ our infrared wall moisture detection survey or inspection can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging or existing wall moisture problems.

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