Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey

Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey

Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey at a Glance

Conventional building inspection services can be both costly and time-consuming. The Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey or building inspection services, on the other hand, detects and records the thermal performance of the wall and window assemblies. An infrared building envelope performance survey or inspection should be conducted before acquiring real property, before final payment to the building contractor for new construction and as part of your building’s energy conservation program.

Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey provides information on:

  • Air Infiltration
  • Air Exfiltration
  • Moisture laden insulation
  • Area of Potential Mold Growth
  • Insulation voids
  • Heating and cooling problems
  • Moisture penetration into the wall assembly

Timely investment in a Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey can ensure the structural integrity and safety of commercial or industrial buildings.

Salient features of our building inspection services

  • Infrared thermography testing is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT), so there is no need to interrupt the normal activities occurring in your building.
  • Our experienced certified thermographers inspect your building under normal activity and operating conditions.
  • By performing an infrared scan of your building envelope in ‘real time’ our Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey or inspection can help you understand the practical impact of emerging or existing building envelope problems.

Building Envelope Consulting

The building envelope is the single most crucial element of any building. The building envelope creates a separation between the interior and the exterior environments. The building envelope also serves as the outer shell to protect the indoor environment from outdoor weather conditions. All building envelopes must include a solid, well formed structure, a drainage plane, an air barrier and a thermal barrier. If any one of these components fail or is not constructed properly, minor to serious building damage can occur. Should this occur, this situation will degrade the structural integrity of the building and may even pose a risk to its occupants. Infrared Building Envelope Performance Survey is the solution to these multiple concerns.

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