Infrared Survey of Boiler-Refractory and Heating Unit

infrared-testing-service-boilerAn infrared survey of boilers, refractory systems and other heating units provides information on leaks, blockages and other malfunctions in sub-surface manifolds and piping.

The Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey distinctly locates the radiant piping to prevent cutting or drilling through the pipes during repair and remodeling projects. Boiler and Refractory Infrared Surveys are also used to locate leaks and other malfunctions in buried steam or hot water lines. Boilers are good infrared testing subject since boilers are a source of thermal energy. External infrared scans of refractory, piping and doors are all common Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey applications.

Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey / Conditions Detected

  • Boilers/FurnacesRefractory/Insulation breakdown detected through a Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey
  • Hot gas leaks detected through a Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey
  • Wasted energy detected through a Boiler and Refractory Infrared Survey

And because infrared thermography testing is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT), there is no need to interrupt system production or plan for costly system shutdowns. Our experienced ICS Thermographers inspect your boiler and refractory equipment under normal loads and operating conditions. By performing an infrared scan of your boiler and refractory system in ‘real time’ our infrared boiler and refractory survey or inspection can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging or existing boiler and refractory component problems.

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