Infrared Airborne Ultrasonic Testing

Infrared Consulting Services employs both direct contact ultrasonic testing and airborne ultrasonic testing in the following areas:

  1. Airborne non-contact ultrasonic testing of high voltage equipment to detect arcing, tracking and corona discharge. A combined program of Infrared Surveys and airborne ultrasonic scanning provides significant insurance against an unscheduled outage, equipment damage or a fire.
  2. Direct contact ultrasonic testing of bearings to measure noise output in decibels to determine bearing performance and to develop a history for future reference.
  3. Leak detection in valves, vacuum systems, steam traps, vessels, heat exchangers, gaskets and seals as well as ductwork.

Airborne ultrasonic scanning is rapidly becoming accepted as an effective nondestructive testing method. The ultrasonic survey handgun senses high frequency sounds produced by targeted equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. The ultrasonic survey handgun electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a ultrasonic technician can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the testing meter.

The advantages of ultrasonic survey technology is clear.

  • Ultrasound from an ultrasonic survey is very directional.
  • Ultrasound from an ultrasonic survey can be easily blocked or shielded.
  • Ultrasound from an ultrasonic survey instruments can be used in noisy environments.
  • Ultrasound from an ultrasonic survey changes provide early warning of potential problems or hazards.
  • Ultrasonic scanning performed by our experienced ultrasonic technicians provide another valuable tool to your preventative and predictive maintenance programs.

And because ultrasonic survey testing is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT), there is no need to interrupt system production or plan for costly system shutdowns. Our experienced ICS Ultrasonic Technicians inspect your electrical equipment under normal loads and operating conditions. By performing an ultrasonic scan of your electrical system in ‘real time’ our ultrasonic survey inspections can help you understand the practical impacts of emerging or existing electrical component problems.

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Listen to electrical arcing as detected by our ultrasonic equipment