ICS, your Partner for Thermal Imaging Survey Services

Infrared Consulting Services Inc. (ICS), an independent leading Thermal Imaging Survey Services & consulting firm, serves clients around the world. When it comes to thermal imaging survey and infrared inspection systems, our 35 years of experience in thermographic imaging services has earned us an outstanding reputation and business from others in the testing industry.

We provide wide range of services
•    Infrared electrical systems survey
•    Baseline infrared survey
•    Infrared building envelope performance survey
•    Infrared mechanical systems survey
•    Infrared steam utilities survey
•    Infrared wall moisture survey
•    Infrared roof evaluation survey
•    High voltage electrical infrared survey
•    Infrared roof moisture survey
•    Boiler and refractory infrared survey

ICS uses the most advanced thermographic analysis and sensors at the time of operation.

How does ICS Thermal Imaging Survey Services help you?

If you are a property owner or manager of a facility, an infrared testing can evaluate and discover expesnsive problems and protect your real estate investment. Infrared Consulting Services (ICS) performs an analysis of thermal imaging survey data that helps you to determine every problem and issue related to your building diagnostics or maintenance programs before they become a serious and costly affair.

Infrared testing is a non-destructive, non-invasive inspection process that utilizes thermographic cameras for their testing. These infrared detectors sense and gather the temperature conditions that lie beyond the range of ordinary sight and visible light. ICS infrared baseline surveys and services can detect minor to major problems before they grow into expensive hazards.

ICS has a team of efficient technicians that analyze, evaluate the performance and security of mechanical as well as electrical systems, roofing and insulation, and steam plants in different industrial areas. To discuss your infrared imaging inspection requirements with a professionally trained ICS representative, kindly visit us at or call us Toll Free at 1-888-925-4404.


What is Ultrasonic Survey Technology and What are its Scopes of Applications?

Ultrasonic Survey Technology tracks the condition of the valuable electrical assets. It increases factors like safety, durability, and reliability of the particular equipment. This blog is going to talk about the aspects and applications of ultrasonic survey technology.

What is Ultrasonic Survey Technology?

Ultrasonic Survey TechnologyMost problems occurring in machines and electrical equipment produce sound and vibration at ultrasonic frequencies (greater than 20kHz) that cannot be detected by the human ear. Ultrasonic Survey detect faults or loopholes in high voltage equipment and machinery. These problems cannot be identified by either vibration tests or infrared surveys.

What are the typical applications of Ultrasonic Survey technology?

Any type of mechanical impairment or defects will generate ultrasonic sound. Be it the gear or the bearing or any other mechanical glitch, ultrasonic survey technology will provide predictive analysis of varied kinds of faults, such as:

  • Faulty welds
  • Defective steam traps
  • Holes
  • Gasket failures
  • Leaky valves in pipelines
  • Leaks in compressed air systems
  • Electrical discharges

ICS Taking Ultrasonic Survey Technology to New Heights

ICS provides our customers with the most advanced forms of both direct contact ultrasonic testing and airborne ultrasonic testing for:

  • Detection of arcing, tracking, and corona discharge in high voltage equipment
  • Infrared Surveys and airborne ultrasonic scanning services that offer crucial insurance against troubles like outages, equipment damage, or fire.
  • Direct contact ultrasonic testing measures the noise output in decibels predicting problems or performance level of bearings.
  • Leak detection in vacuum systems, steam traps, vessels, heat exchangers, gaskets and seals, and ductwork