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Goals of a Roofing Plan Review

Infrared applications can sometimes be difficult to understand. This is especially true with commercial roofing thermography, since there are many different shapes, sizes, insulations, decks and more when it comes to the design of a roof. However, the main goal of any type of roof is to keep water out of the interior of the […]

4 Types of IR Roof Moisture Surveys

Identifying roof moisture in a commercial property’s roof system is vital to protecting a business owner’s investments and securing the safety of workers, visitors, residents and anyone else who has cause to be inside the facility. Thanks to today’s infrared detection technology, even the largest roofs can be inspected without destruction and in a timely […]

History and Future of IR Detection Technology

Infrared detection technology may seem like a new and innovative technology, but the reality is it’s been around since the 19th century. Of course, the technology has evolved over the years, but the original idea is more than 200 years old. Companies across the country and the globe rely on infrared detection technology today to […]