What to Consider When Seeking an Infrared Inspection

Infrared inspection is a useful service.

Find out when you need infrared inspection service.

It's important to seek infrared thermography to identify issues.

Infrared thermography is a necessary service.

If you’ve spent considerable time on this website, you know the importance of infrared inspection for your business and have perhaps even made the decision to set up an inspection appointment for your facility. If you have, however, you don’t want to trust the job to just anyone! There are several noteworthy things you should consider before picking an infrared inspection service. To help you with this important maintenance procedure, here are a few tips on how to go about shopping around for an infrared inspection appointment.

How Much Experience and Training Do They Possess?

When you’re looking for an infrared inspection service to take care of your company, going with the least expensive option is the worst route to take. While this may work with your other shopping needs, when it comes to infrared thermography, you truly get what you pay for. You want only the highest level of service and the best quality procedures to ensure the inspection doesn’t miss any problems waiting in the wings within your equipment. Consider any extraordinarily cheap options you find to be a red flag above all else—something to be avoided because an inspection that is too cheap is the least likely to be as effective as possible. You absolutely don’t want to be told there are no problems with your equipment, only to have it malfunction and require serious repairs shortly after your infrared inspection is performed.

Because of this risk, it is best to ask the companies you’re considering about their level of certification. The more experienced the company is, the most effective inspection you can expect to receive. Try to get hard copies of any certifications they have, if possible.

What Types of Equipment Do They Use?

The best infrared thermography service will have staff members who not only are efficient with infrared procedures, but have the highest level equipment and know how to utilize it properly. Only then can you expect the most precise results possible from the inspection. With the best equipment, you’ll find the following traits: a user who is both skilled and experienced with the equipment, high-quality imagery within the equipment’s lens, the option to fine tune the equipment as needed throughout the inspection, field of view choices and a suitable amount of sensitivity in order to pick up on heat readings as easily and accurately as possible.

It is worth remembering brands don’t matter nearly as much when it comes to infrared inspection as it does the level of technology implemented within it. A piece of infrared equipment from one of the most well-known manufacturers can still be too problematic for proper usage. When you’re shopping around for the best service, be sure to ask about their infrared detection technology and its capabilities. Then you’ll know whether you have a great service to choose from.

We hope this article will help you pick the best quality infrared inspection service for your facility. At Infrared Consulting Services, we care about the well being of your facility and its equipment. Contact us to learn how we can help you!